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Data Type: Standing Water Assessment Data

Dates Available: 2018-07-08 15:30:00 to 2018-07-08 15:30:00

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Data Type:Standing Water Assessment Data
Number of Adults:1
Number under 18:0
Other Volunteers:None
Monitor Name:Joy Jager
Site Location
Site DescriptionBest Avenue pond is an approx 3.7 acre pond resembling a canal, with it's length expanding approx 1800 ft and it's width varying from 50-75 ft. It is at the bottom of the western-most mountain/hill of the Canfield ridge in the Coeur d'Alene NF. The the southern length of the pond has 1-acre residential lots; the northern length is the steep mountain/hill with one residential home on the eastern end.
Air Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit)86.0
Precipitation (Inches over the last 24 hours)
Wind Direction
Wind Speed
Transparency(Secchi Disc Depth)
Transparency(Transparency Tube)
Water Temperature(Degrees Fahrenheit)82.0
Water Level
Water Odor
ph Value8
ph Expiry Date04/2020
Dissolved Oxygen8
Dissolved Oxygen Expiry Date10/2019
Chloride Expiry Date
Algal Bloom
Lake Bank DescriptionWithin the pond reach along resident's water front: cattails; water lily's; various size rocks and fine gravel; recreational items such as kayaks, fire pits, chairs; therefore, each water front along southern length is inconsistent. The northern length has grasses, cattails, water lily's, two small (6-8 foot) man made trickle waterfalls fed from a pump, various wildflowers, various pines, ocean spray, and aspens.
Adjacent Land Use descriptionIn the spring and during heavy rains, there is an inflow of rain and spring melt runoff from Nettleton Gulch from the east. The pond has never overflowed it's banks. The pond is part of the Fernan watershed. There are residents in the Nettleton Gulch area that have pastured horses on their land; organized agriculture does not appear to occur outside of residential gardens.
Other Assessment Observations- An artificial barrier floats across the water at the eastern end of the pond, installed by a resident, for the purpose of reducing flotsam and algae from entering their part of the pond; - Aquashade was applied: 4 gal on May 18, '18 and 7 gal on June 13, '18; - Cutrine, an algaecide, was applied May 22 & Jun 16; - At the minimum, wildlife includes, elk, deer, otter, beaver, cougar, coyotes, muskrats; aquatic life includes large- and small-mouth bass, bluegill, black crappies, perch, frogs, painted turtles; - There are 6 fountains, dispersed fairly evenly throughout the pond; - One ground water pump, used as needed, to maintain a normal water level; - There are no motorized engines allowed on the pond; however, kayaks, paddleboats, and canoes are used by residents. Catch and release fishing and ice skating are enjoyed by residents.
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