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Data Type: Physical Chemical Assessment Data

Dates Available: 2015-07-09 14:15:00 to 2016-04-22 11:08:00

Data Report

Data Type:Physical Chemical Assessment Data
Number of Adults:2
Number under 18:0
Other Volunteers:Billy Wilson
Monitor Name:Carol Ebbs
Site DescriptionShady stream bed near city park
Stream Dry
Air Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit)89.0
Precipitation(Inches over the last 24 hours)
Water Color
Water Odor
Water Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit)72.0
ph Value7
ph Expiry Date04/2016
Dissolved Oxygen6
Dissolved Oxygen Expiry Date08/2019
Stream Width(meters)10.9728
Stream Flow
Max Stream Depth0.45
Other Assessment ObservationsStream is low in mid summer about knee high towards the middle.

Stream Depth (in meters)
Spot 10.2067
Spot 20.2
Spot 30.105
Spot 40.33
Spot 50.45
Spot 60.45
Spot 70.45
Spot 80.45
Spot 90.4
Spot 100.3075
Stream Velocity (in seconds)
Spot 13.66
Spot 23.0
Spot 32.97
Spot 43.5
Spot 52.47
Spot 61.94
Spot 71.9
Spot 82.37
Spot 92.37
Spot 102.06
This data report has been generated from The Master Water Stewards Web Application(www.idah2o.nkn.uidaho.edu).

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Spot 7   Spot 7  
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